First Session at $100 Blackjack Table Vegas October 2013

I was back in Vegas for a couple of nights and on this trip.  I felt comfortable in my daily routine, knew the Planet Hollwood set-up, and had a blackjack system that was working well.  Due to my success and overall positive experience at PH last visit I planned my trip to spend as much time there as possible.

I had been to Vegas many times prior to this trip, but for some reason I never realized that I could earn Hilton Honors points while staying right on the strip – the Elara hotel is a Hilton property, has no smoking policy and is literally attached to Planet Hollywood – good stuff all the way around.

This trip started out strong with a quick run on the first night that ran up almost a grand in profit playing at the PH $25 tables.  Of course time is one of the biggest opponents to any black jack player and early on day 2 it looked like I was going to give back the entire upside of day 1.  After a disappointing early afternoon on day 2 I took a quick break and headed across the street to the Todd English PUB to regroup with a happy hour beer and burger sliders.  As I licked my wounds I made the decision to take a more aggressive tact and make a run at a big win at the Planet Hollywood high-limit room.

My first visit to the $100 table was a bit daunting – at PH there are only a couple of tables in the high-limit room which is just a handful of hand-wringing paces away from the rest of the tables.  One small step for me, one giant leap for my blood pressure.  Luckily few people go into the high-limit room so playing by myself is virtually guaranteed.  I change $700 – First hand – 15, dealer showing K – surrender – poof goes $50 without even seeing the dealers hole card.  Next few hands are uneventful, basically even, which allowed the sound of blood pounding through my ear drums to abate slightly.  About halfway through the shoe there was a nice run which got me a little on the plus side, but the end of shoe 1 saw me down about $150.

Shoe 2 started well, hit a soft middle then started to come on strong at the end which led to a huge moment of truth hand – I had increased my bet units during the strong run and was sitting on a $200 bet when I got 8-8 with the dealer showing a 7 – split 8s – first card 3 – double – oh crap! face down please – 2nd 8 hit with a J – okay should be at least one winner.  Dealer under card is a 6 for 13 – I cover my eyes and dealer turns a card, then another, then another – holy f I can’t look…and since I’m playing alone there is no cheer or groan to let me know the result so I have to move my hand from my eyes where I see the dealer moving to count out my winnings – dealer cards came A,2,6 for a 22 – much needed since my double card was a 6 – a $600 win!  The rest of the shoe was vanilla and I decided take my winnings straight to the cashier and run back to my hotel to check my shorts.  Solid trip at +$900!


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