Mohegan Sun Guys Trip September 2013

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts my preferred blackjack playing style is solo.  Of course for every rule there are exceptions.  In this case a guys golf and gamble trip with a couple of college buddies.  In my opinion blackjack isn’t really a fun team game – only rarely does the whole table win and you usually end up with at least one person busting while only one person is getting the breaks.  If you want team drinking fun head for the craps tables – lots of fun and usually if one wins everyone wins.

I went into this trip expecting to lose, which is never a good approach no matter what you’re doing.  It was a Saturday night at Mohegan Sun so the place was very busy with almost no open tables anywhere in the place.  There were three of us, one is a poker player so we lost him in the poker room almost immediately, my other friend isn’t a big gambler so we found a $15 table with only one other guy and jumped in.  I did my best to guide my buddy and he went on a huge run with easy wins and auto-doubles that hit each time – I lost a couple of bucks in the first hour while he racked up a few hundred which of course got him hooked on the action.  After a few shoes a couple of others joined the table and tanked our luck so we quickly headed to find another table.

Mohegan Sun is a nice place, it’s huge, with three different gaming areas and a ton of various dining choices from simple to high end – we chose middle of the road at the Michael Jordan bar which was pretty solid.  It definitely has a more impressive feel than most regional casinos and I’d imagine I’d be happy to return especially on a weekday when it isn’t so crowded.  I actually think I’ve been here way back in the day, but I’m sure back then I played 25 cent slots and whined about $10 per hand blackjack being too rich for my blood.

The biggest frustration with the night was the constant jump and dump  or sit and s&^t players – the guys who roll up to a table with 50 bucks in chips, don’t even sit in a chair, put down a bet, win or lose a hand then move on.  I’m not superstitious, but it does mess with your flow of betting and card consistency.  We started losing which wasn’t that big a deal, but I did want to play a little strategic blackjack just to feel better about the night.  Unfortunately, the only tables that were no-mid shoe entry were $50+ and even though they had an impressive amount of tables above $50 there wasn’t one completely empty the entire night so we kept playing small minimum and I ended up dropping $500 over the course of the evening – my buddies both walked away up a few bucks so it was a worthwhile donation for a fun night.

Mohegan Sun blackjack set-up is pretty standard fare:

  • Main Floor
  • Many $10-25 tables, mid-shoe entry available
  • No surrender available, one split of aces, auto-shuffle machine, no single deck or manual shuffle that I saw.
  • High-limit room
  • Several $50 tables, no mid-shoe
  • Dozen or more $100 tables, no mid-shoe
  • No surrender available in any situation, one split of aces, manual shuffle, no single deck that I saw.

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