Harrahs Cherokee August 2013

I usually take the day off of work for my Birthday and play golf – this year I decided to change the routine and take a drive to Harrahs Cherokee in NC.  

After my brief Vegas stop I was feeling good about my strategy and was also becoming an avid believer in surrender as a way to mitigate losses and generate a better ROI.  This was only my 2nd trip to Cherokee and unfortunately they don’t offer surrender so I had to adjust my play.

It was mid-day on a summer Thursday so the casino floor was fairly empty.  Even with the light crowd it was tough to find an open $25 table – by open I mean empty.  WIth the no mid-shoe entry rule on the $25+ tables it makes for a challenge to find places to sit without other players.  It also creates a lot of table vultures circling looking for a seat.

The challenge when playing at tables with no surrender is that you have to make a lot of marginal decisions on 15 or 16 vs. dealer 9, 10, or A.  I’m not totally consistent on playing these hands which is a part of my game I need to improve.  On this day I started out in a quick hole – down $300 before lunch, ouch.  After a quick lunch – not many dining options to choose from which is fine for my simple tastes, but if you’re a foodie you would have to work pretty hard to find a meal to tweet home about – my fortunes were about the same and I almost quit early and headed for the door thinking that no surrender meant I was out of luck.  Luckily I had lost fast enough that I had no reason to leave immediately and stuck with it – as it got closer to my time to leave my luck turned significantly and I had a great run of three straight winning shoes that got me to break even.  Since I wanted to get home in time for dinner with the family and I had just dug out of a huge hole I called a push a win and headed for the door.   

Harrahs Cherokee blackjack set-up:

  • Main Floor
  • Several $10-15 tables, mid-shoe entry available
  • Handful of $25 tables, no mid-shoe entry
  • High-limit room
  • 4-8 $50 tables, no mid-shoe
  • 4 $100 tables, no mid-shoe
  • No surrender available in any situation, one split of aces, all tables auto-shuffle with a shoe, no single deck or manual shuffle that I’ve seen.



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