Harrahs Southern California Feb 2013

When I visited this place was called Harrahs Rincon, but has been since renamed to Harrahs Resort Southern California – Harrahs Rincon seems like a more fitting name, resort is pretty generous.  It’s been a year since I was there so my memory isn’t perfect, but I recall a long drive from my friends place in SD through small towns and farmland ending in a roadside hotel with a Holiday Inn sized parking lot and a small casino attached in the back.

It was a weekday morning so the place was empty except some hard core oxygen tanks and chain smokers, some of which were the same people.  The casino was tiny with only a handful of tables open.  I honestly don’t recall the blackjack rules, but imagine it was similar to other regional casinos, I don’t recall if they offer surrender which at the time wasn’t a major concern for me, but it is a key ingredient to my current strategy.

It was a good trip, I only had a few hours before meeting my friend and his wife for lunch so I jumped into $15 tables with other people already sitting, lost a few hundred bucks in under 30 minutes and then regrouped by checking some email sitting in the slots pit that was covered by the one cute waitress – there is always one cute dealer or waitress at every regional casino – usually not more than one.  When I came back to the tables I waited for an empty table and played solo – after the first shoe I was back to even and the 2nd shoe netted $400 in profit.  This was the first time I learned that a short window of time and no other players at the table were my preferred playing scenario.


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